Dear Mladen,

I’ve now had a chance to review your amazing attachment. I have but limited comments.

  1. Please whatever you do make sure to keep in the 3D aspects of your paper. I believe this is exactly the sort of thing we should be talking about at ITechLaw conferences, as it is the next frontier in copyright.
  2. Copyright duration is a very interesting concept. The notion of a “founders copyright” as provided by Lessig and the Creative Commons suggests that the expansion of the duration of copyright is something that is open to debate (as to whether it is good or bad). That would fit in well with what you’re addressing here.
  3. The right of private copy and the lack of a huge debate about copyright implications from photocopiers in the mid 20th century are issues quite related to what you are discussing and may warrant a mention.
  4. I hope you are not insulted by the following comment, but I do not see how the treatment of Croation copyright law in your piece relates to the far broader topics you cover elsewhere.
  5. I love your treatment of the language used relating to IP. One suggested addition would be the fundamental term “intellectual property.” Richard Stallman has suggested that this term unfairly elevates an improper grant of rights and equates it with things that should more appropriately be called “property.” He says that you can’t simply call something property when it does not deserve the type of protection that is typical of property. There might be a worthwhile comment in there for you to make.

My apologies that these comments are as much in the way of additions as they are cuts, but it is what comes to mind. Thank you so much for taking such a thoughtful approach to the topic.

Best regards, Stuart

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