Unrests and Frictions

We are seeing lots of violence and unrest in modern everyday life. We see conflicts and protests. They happen all over the world, in the quiet communiteis of the devloped and developing countries alike. As much as I regret any violence intruding in peaceful life, I understand that the frictions and violence we are witnessing reflect a changing world. A world in which processes much bigger than individuals, bigger than the national groups, occur on a daily, on an hourly basis. Sometimes it is too much to bear for us. Our static societies, based on the sovereign power and subjugating the individual interests to the group interests, aren’t the easiest condutis for change that is obvious and necessary. This is not to propose that public interest has had its time. Just to the contrary, I feel that it is essential to affirm the public interest in the times when the individuals might or do feel lost. However, public interest projected to a particular group, as it happens often in many societies (and in the European countries almost as a matter of default), might be detrimental to the interest of the public at large and to the individuals who make the public at large. We have to embrace the realities of conflict when we are not able to open up the gates of inclusion and discussion. We have to welcome the expression of sentiment that the things are going the wrong way, because the violence on the streets is just a plea to listen, to give an opportunity to contribute. Our ossified societies do not cope well with the wealth of contributions that are possible and we have to change our manners so to receive input from the social sectors we would traditionally disregard. This is a consequence of the wealth of information, of the knowledge already distributed to an unprecedented breadth. There was never so much knowledge available to so many, and although it is still pathethically thin at some points, it is now there where there was none before. There is tremendous possibility in embaracing the input that flows back, the raw vision once stripped of violence necessary to get our ear, if we mediate the flowing messages right. Let’s open up further.

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