I believe that creativity is the process that translates the essence of spirit into reality, thus turning the immaterial into material.

“There is only one creativity. There is no difference between the forms of creativity of an inventor and that of an artist. Creativity is the expression of the human effort to understand and control the material reality by which he is surrounded. A dichotomy with protection of the industrial property as one pole of intellectual property law and the copyright protection is a matter of legal systematization derived from related dichotomies incorporated deep in Western civilization. The dichotomy of the body and the soul is probably most dominant. Others, like thinking and feeling, science and art and labor and leisure are closely related. But, mind is the part of our body no less than the hand or the stomach. When we are hungry we know it by our mind, and we move our hand to feed ourselves by our mind too. However, the formation of the present law is derived from relations which coincide with the cultural conditions of the industrial age. Intellectual property law is historically organized on principles stemming out of such a perception of reality. The industrial age is at its end and the civilization of the post-industrial age need not distinguish in such a manner.  Existing law needs to be re interpreted to fit more adequately the conditions of post-industrial society.”


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