Thanks Jessica, Anne for the powerful and clear contributions and thanks Stacey for your far reaching and visionary input and for the weekend effort ahead of you. I like the promise of the group effort underway and hope that a close cross- collaboration on the foils might bring an even stronger common voice to the presentation.
It is going to be a beautiful show, it is clear now. I feel that with a little more chiseling the message is going to be distilled even further into a call for the IP community to take their responsibilities to contribute deeper insights on how can immaterial assets help building better communities. The digital and networked societies we are living in now require fresh approaches. From my point of view, most if not all important issues in the paradigm shift are now in. If I would be a speaker here I might want to go a step further  in the direction of speaking out the consequences of the processes that are identified in your presentations; but that can be just a cultural thing of a playful Central European mind. I can’t wait to see you delivering this message. Thank you once again!
Best regards, Mladen
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