Dancing wildly to Jean Genie, Rebel Rebel and Suffragette City in Big Ben disco club in mid ’70ies Zagreb I’ve learnt not only how to be a rock fan but also what it means to be free and to have courage to change the world. Thanks Ziggy.
David Live was among my first records and the first time I’ve learnt there was other music I need to learn from. I think my mother got the message too. Thanks Thin White Duke.
We’ve crossed paths in Berlin in the early ’80ies again, and you’ve told us Where Are We Now just yesterday. Now you’re gone and we are headed towards the Blackstar.

I will forever remember the moment I saw the post about your death  with your photo in exactly the same way I will always remember Dražen Vrdoljak’s ashen face coming towards me that December back when at the Lap front bar uttering “Lennon’s dead


We’re all baby Blackstars now brothers and sisters, waiting for the Lazarus to come back.

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