The Summer of Love

Weeell, his name was the first word of the editorial in the Italian Elle magazine this summer, his photo adorned the list of the most desirable males in the same issue. My fashion stylist, Milan based friend said in a casual conversation that he is the male Kate Mosss of the moment when I told her that his music seems to be a really serious link to our past. Mishkina just dropped when he heard his . I have downloaded all of his music from iTunes and there is no lousy tune in the whole bunch. This guy is for real… One of the strongest artists that have emerged this century. The mystery is how does he, referring all the time to the past, and to the past only, project this incredible strength and imposes himself as a reference on the path to the future. How? I don’t know yet, but he does and his music is tons livelier than other contemporary music. He single-handedly wiped out the dilemma on how will techno, house, drums ‘n’ bass and co. build their credibility as the sound of the times. They will not, it is Devendra, Jolie Holland and others who will. Or will they? Is only for us above 40. Might be. Cheers.

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