The Roots Article

I have received today another email asking me for the text of the article published in the IDEA law journal some dozen years ago. This is a third request over last five years. Joris Deene wrote me:

Dear sir,

Preparing an article about the history of copyright, I found a reference to your article previously published in IDEA.

M. VUKMIR, ‘The Roots of Anglo-American Intellectual Property Law in Roman Law’ (1992) 32 IDEA p; 123-155.

I can’t find this article in Belgium’s law libraries neither on the IDEA website at the downloadable documents of IDEA 32.

Is it possible to grant me access to a digital version of this article??

With best regards,

Joris Deene Assistent Centrum Jurist & Informatica Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid Ugent Universiteitstraat 4 9000 Gent

Previously, I had a request from Peru and the requests from USA. I am alway amazed by how the Net brings us in contact. I will get back with the original version of the article and post it after I get back from my trip.

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