I’ve tried to tackle some of the complex issues arising out of the digital revolution in the networked societies recently. Never did mankind had to face such multidimensional change as we have to now. The future is not so easy to predict, but I did try and for one, it seems the huge change of the role of law in the modern societies might be unavoidable. Law will retreat to the niche to be replaced by responsibility, common sense, conversation and courage. This is just a part of the change and we will have to keep our minds really open if we want to comprehend the consequence and to manage them. It all has implications we have to confront and come to terms with if we wish to come out of that huge wave rising over our heads in one piece; integral to a degree which we have not been as societies for quite some time now. Thanks to the hippies for teaching us a bit about the possibilities; but our game is much bigger and we just might have ending up with having even more fun today.

Here is the link to the Croatian text of the article: I hope that the translation machines (Google?) will work fine for the rest of you for the time being. In some two to three months the English version is supposed to be ready.

And it is, under the title Abundance of Sources; Google it up or look for it on either my or LinkedIn pages.

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