I still remember vividly listening to the Doors Absolutely live under the red light we have been putting on in the living room while our parents were away. I remember the astonishing force of their music I felt so directly. Although I was listening mostly to heavy metal records at the time, they still managed to sound stronger. They opened for me the doors to the rest of music.

As a teenager, I have thought that they have belonged to some other times although Jim Morrison died just four years before I got that record. I first understood how wrong I was ten years after the year zero of the punk. It then looked as if 1977 happened yesterday and I realized I belong to the same period when The Doors were still singing and playing as a live band. It was hard to fathom that I was listening Absolutely live much shorter time after Jim’s death then those ten years that looked as an instant already to a twenty-seven years adult.

As it all turned out, it would be an understatement to say that I was shaped by their music. Whenever someone gives me today a compliment for public speaking I tell them it is easy if you have the Doors as a model. Thank you Ray! As there was no internet back in 1975, this is a thank you Jim as well!

See for yourself if you don’t know what am I talkin’ about: The Doors

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