…my Internet connection died. I have reset the Airport and it did not come back. I have reset the ISDN ADSL modem and it did not come back. Around midnight, I called T-com support. As one would expect, they said they cannot reset it remotely, but miraculously, they promised to do something. At six o’clock in the morning the phone rung. A courteous technician on the other side apologized for waking us up and asked me if I can check whether the Internet connection came back. I dislike waking up early. I looked sleepily at my iPhone set to a WiFi connection and it looked that it picked up new emails. The voice said I need to check the desktop Ethernet connected machine, happens to be an iMac, to see whether the Net is really back. I’ve opened my page and saw that Steve Jobs is gone…


The John Lennon moment… Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Think different! See you on the iCloud Steve!

This is his company Apple (FB). We are his brothers and sisters.

& one more thing: we have picked Šnjegavić grapes for Rudine (R.D.N) wines in 2011 harvest that day.

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