I doubt that this crisis will last longer than the other big crisis. I hope it might run deeper. Not that I wish that many of us individually are hit harder than that eighty years ago or something. But I do like one aspect of it and that is the capacity of the bigger groups to start searching for solutions when a crisis hits. One thing I expect from the crisis of this magnitude is to cleanse a lot of structurally unsound positions that became socially sanctioned. While there is nothing wrong with the market economies that keep us going strong, the consumerism really seems to weigh us down. Can the markets work without consumerism? I bet they can and wonder if this crisis will be enough or we need more before we realize it.

The absence of ethics on the markets and the absence or responsibility in consumerism make us like the walking dead: no heart, no mind – just numb force. Present institutions do have a problem. I work in big transactions from time to time and am dumbstruck by widespread incompetence and recklessness which sometimes coexist with high technical skills and specialized knowledge. I would like to see a crisis that will bring us more responsibility and wholesomeness on the individual level and extending from there to the entire social surroundings of each such transaction to the society as awhole. Not that I expect it to happen soon, but I think it is possible that this crisis might bring this discourse to the table.

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