Dear friends, I have started a discussion @ TED.com site. Its title is: Will we come to think that the societies ruled by law have failed their capabilities by underachieving? Is law likely to become marginal?

What I am asking the participants to discuss there is about the following thesis: “As in the evolution theory for many organisms complexity has not always been a comparative advantage in the fight for survival, analogously, in the context of accelerated, networked and digitized social transactions the legal system can hardly survive in its complexity deriving from thousands of years of development and growth. The fact that today we see these complexities as fundamental elements of the legal system does not change the fact that law is just an attempt to regulate ethicality in the context of social relations.”

If you wish to join the discussion please follow the link: http://www.ted.com/conversations/13615/will_we_come_to_think_that_the_1.html

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