Humans always longed for stability and have projected that desire to their societies. In static societies the instincts of preserving the status quo were embodied in conservative doctrines and introduction of time honored institutions. However, in the fast societies, in the situation where the social stability seem to start threathening the development and diminishes the opportunities offered by scientific, technological and business developments, this perception can change. If this situation leads to the prolongued social impasse the inadequacy could lead to institutional volatility. If social stability becomes more threatening to development then the instability itself, society will be ready to reconsider. We are now in such a situation and it can almost be said that the efforts of maintaining stability itself are provoking social instability. We need to move on beyond the traditional stability by developing instruments for constant, smooth social change. This means, among other things, rethinking law. Let’s do it together.

More on the background for this in my earlier post From Immaterial to Intangible.

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