I don’t necessarily see the humiliation others see being inflicted on Greece by accepting the bailout package. Instead, I see the courage and realism in deciding to reform their country. I wish the reforms over the next decades make Greece into an example for all other Southern European member states with the results that will make Greeks proud of their courage and determination at the most difficult moment. Southern Europe needs the same degree of transparency of public governance, clean public procurement and clear conflict of interest avoidance rules and no corruption that most Northern members enjoy. Ultimately, I wish Greece to reach the level of vision for the common European future that will serve as a motivation to all other members.

Moreover, it looks as if the English press regrets that the Eurozone members are trying and succeding in maintaining Euro stability. It was never going to be easy but it is worth trying. Euro was actually always a tool that promissed to force the reform of the member states who tried to avoid reorganising their society along more modern lines. Finally, those who entered EU agreed to pool their sovereignty and effectively redefine it. I think all is working as expected. Good luck my Greek friends on your way to reforms.

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