thanks for your kind and inspired response. I also regret having had to leave as you spoke in Dublin due to an impending meeting, and having missed both the chance to hear your intervention and to speak to you afterwards. I will be in Dallas for sure as I already booked the hotel. Serving on the Board of Directors of INTA will have me traveling to DC for the Board meeting already in March. I haven’t missed an annual meeting since 1994 anyway, so it is a pretty certain place to find me. I hope we will have an opportunity not only to speak, but if we can arrange for a meal together I would be delighted. Let me know your availability.

Following your tip I have already acquired Sennett’s book as it seems fully compatible with my thinking. I might have mentioned my interest in mediations and as a mediation trainer I always emphasize the importance of empathy and believe that there are numerous ways of communicating superior to what the legal process allows us. I am frustrated that the legal profession does not realize these opportunities and remains bound to the substandard ways of (position-based) dispute resolution that only increase social frictions. If we do not wish societies to reject law we need to overcome these shortcomings. Sennett’s work seems very promising in articulating some of my experiences.

In that sense you are right when you point out that my approach appears more sociological, then, I assume, legal. That is correct as I feel that lawyers need to make additional efforts in their missing dialogue with the changing societies. My article ( is not an easy read although at some points it might appear deceptively superficial in its analysis of the legal doctrines in the field of copyright. It is important to keep in mind that copyright stands in for the entire legal system, and that I am actually questioning the whole construct of law as meaningful tool for modern societies if it continues to be used solely in its traditional form. It is not easy to read it in full, so I hope to have an opportunity to fill in the parts you will skip over a glass of wine. Let’s stay in touch. I hope to see you soon.

Best regards, Mladen

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