The underlying change in the societies, that runs in parallel to the current economic crisis is the emergence of understanding on behalf of the clients that law might just not be the best way to settle one’s disputes or even to guide your business. If you use more ethics you will need less law, because as we all know, law is basically (over) codified ethical rules. One could say that law is ethics for dummies. Our profession then built it in an overly complex system that is supposed to provide the answers to all questions. Hardly a good method to move ahead of the others in an ever faster economy. That is in my view why the current woes of profession are not only signs of the crisis of the prevailing legal services business models but also show to the changing role of law. This is also why demand for mediation is rising and why this crisis did not really bring such an increase in litigation. Legal education should acknowledge this to greater extent and the profession should open up to exploring these possibilities in greater depth.

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