Ripperu zaslužio si ljubav

PCVC showed everyone that the currage to open up is a winning force. It was a mature, balanced, well measured and intriguing show, one of the best from the band ever. And the new band is as good as the old band, it even has similar shortcomings. Ripper is still controlling too much, they still switch from postmodern quotations into complex changovers and back most of the time and they do these awkward intellectual clownings, even emphasising them with their music references. And the great power that they harness does not always come through directly. But ten years after it is a tight, disciplined, maasterly show of global quality. Yesterday it was one of the greates days for PipsChipsVideoClips and we enjoyed it tremendously. The singer-songwriter-pretending-he-is-a-band is one of the best bands around, no doubt. Keep on rocking!

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