Dear Ayala,
I wish to thank you for bestowing the huge honor of INTA President’s Award upon me! This recognition means a lot, just as INTA always meant a lot to me. We might not have had a chance to spend much time together working closely at INTA but the sense of a community that I got from this year’s online meeting is overwhelming and the sense of belonging strong as ever. This is in great part due to you personally.
I also wish to take advantage of the occasion to thank you for the great opening speech and for putting values so prominently in front of all of us and setting your sights so clearly. I respect very much and hold dear the points you have made and have enjoyed the way you have laid them out. I have enjoyed the things you have said about me in the same way, and have especially liked that you have singled out my passion to change things for the better and get us all to a better place.
I am looking forward to the times we will have a chance to chat in person and wish you great success as the INTA’s President for the remainder of the year.
Best regards, Mladen
This is my message to the INTA President to thank her for recognising me as the INTA President’s Award 2020 recipient.
We are proud to recognize the individuals who have, over the course of careers in trademark and related IP law, advanced our Association and mission.
— Read on www.inta.org/about/awards-competitions/presidents-award/
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