A great city, rediscovered. Point. I’ve really enjoyed Brno. And I’ve enjoyed the company of the conference attendees. My new Irish friends from the Galway University are a fantastic, clear sighted bunch and great individuals. For a long time did I not have such a fruitful exchange of experiences. May we soon get together again.

Radim said that my article is pessimistic. Those who know me know that this is not likely to be so. So I thought why would he think that I was pessimistic this time. The next day I understood why I think it is clearly optimistic to me. It is because I cherish change, and my article is based on the conclusions of my research that the change of the copyright and legal systems is not only necessary, that it is unavoidable and that we need to support it and manage it because we cannot afford not to. And this is not only Europe, it’s all of us. Consequently, if you do not crave change, it must be a pessimistic vision. But I still wish you go through a change and enjoy the process while we are working at it.

Here is the link to the photos from Brno MU: Cyberspace 2011 photos online (Direct:

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