scusa mi x favore, lo visto durante un viaggio a Bosnia e ho dimenticato risponedere. Sorry about that. This is indeed a great initiative. You know already that I believe that a greatest possible strength AIPPI could gather stems out of its possibility to serve as a platform for dialogue. AIPPI IS a parliament for IP at large. In order to maximize its potential AIPPI should encourage dialogue and polemics. East Europeans tend to believe that they can significantly contribute to the European standards although their current output does not actually warrant such vies. How is that? What would this contribution be? Why did this belief develop? This should be discussed at some point in the focus of our professional lives. Are we there now? Please do let me know your current agenda for this meeting as I would be most happy to review it and contribute my thoughts.

In addition, please keep in mind that the “new world” is not located in the New World anymore. it is in part ever more present in the old world. New Europe is not a fiction, it is a baby. Let’s get down to a dialogue in Buenos Aires, as it is a right venue for this discussion. Our profession holds too much fear of the inevitable and tends to shut down in front of the obvious. East Europeans shunned such fears when they plunged into the changes of the transition and the South Americans rejected similar challenge.  Let’s discuss that, let’s open up. Let’s show off and show to our profession that we can really contribute.

I hope this is not too much alien to AIPPI. I would be most happy to contribute along those lines. Do let me know what do you think.

Best regards, Mladen (Un abrazo fuerte 🙂

Mladen Vukmir

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