And it was my dad who traveled Africa so much that he got tired of it. And I looked with Overs that small b&w TV at the table, and there was Thabo Mbeki , still a young man but such a presence, and Mommad Ali’s wife saying that she would never… And Overs did have patience and grace to make all the points and to take them too. And than I’ve met Charles Webbe on the island and he gasped under the shame of race inflicted humiliation and although he prevailed and could go to the cinema any day he wanted now that he was not a kid anymore, the shame remained. I took notice, and the shame stayed with me. I’ve spoken to Ann and she told me that them might be different after all, and that her neighbors keep getting killed by them and that they set their disputes in a violent way among themselves and that they really might be different then us. I’ve told her that men were saying this about women as recent as sixty years ago in many countries. And if anyone is different than anyone else we should understand it and find the way to embrace the differences, think about Europeans, nasty beasts really, now tamed. And if they do sleep on the tractors they were given, it might be because of malaria, or it might be because they wish so. I still have to learn so much. But when we play our music it is their music in it and it keeps us alive. Let’s do it brother, now!

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