Creating EU might be closest us Europeans ever got to landing on the Moon. Getting to the Moon was probably one of the most courageous and poetic actions ever undertaken by the man. A voyage into the heart of love. Ambition to do impossible, poetry of stepping into the future of this planet. The creative passion to do impossible… Erasing borders is just like it. Tearing down the group mentality to liberate the individual.

Yet, engineering of the second stage of the Saturn rocket was probably equally complicated and boring to the laymen as creating and implementing the licensing block exemptions to enable viable commercial knowledge sharing and exploitation. It takes patience, knowledge, creativity and common effort of a sweating kind and sleepless nights to get that type of results. I understand that people get lost into seeing what Europeans are undertaking by building the EU due to its sheer complexity and excruciating slowness of the process, constantly interrupted by irrelevant events of back and forth movements in that process. Of course, we must avoid building just another group instead or on top of our tribal national states. That would be just a step into the past, a kind of stroll Europe used to be so good at. We need to retain all our identities simultaneously by abandoning them individually, rather than replacing them with yet another singular one. I am confident that Europeans can do that, once we got so far. I don’t find constant complaining about EU very dignified at all.

On a more personal level – Croatia said yes: Video EU/HR . I also believe that biggest Croatian contribution to the EU will be the clarity of vision and the singular devotion to building an ever closer union of courageous individuals who can move the World into a new kind of place, a crystalline lace where we needed to be already. Where boring stuff is interesting to all and where important stuff shines stronger than the material stuff. The wish to bring the world closer to the Moon. The Golden Moon that brightens up the path.


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