my sincere congratulation on publishing of the new book Decoding reality: The Universe as Quantum Information, a review of which I just read in the new issue of The Economist. I have already ordered it from Amazon and can’t wait to browse it together with other two that they offered for sale.

In a burst of emotion I decided to write you immediately, hoping nothing awry comes out of this haste. This outburst is hopefully not caused by some cultural considerations ;-), but should be excused in light of my realization that your theory seems to go exactly along the lines of what I have argued at my post graduate studies in intellectual property at Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord, NH, USA, back in the summer of 1990. I wrote a thesis that went to be published in IDEA, a law journal, that finally did not include that part as it was deemed too out-of-the-box for a lawyer to argue something like that before properly studying physics. And indeed, when I browse that chapter of a book-to-be it seems silly nowadays. I am little bit ashamed of mailing it as it is, winding and unfocused, without any editing, especially in light of my thinking that evolved since. However, I have decided I have to do that as an homage to your work, which I hope might vindicate my positions back then. I will devour your books, as I am convinced it tackles these very same problems from the proper foundations I was lacking and still do lack.

It is somewhat tedious and childish writing, looking from today’s perspective, as it was not edited after my mentor reviewed it. It also lacked courage and guts to state clearly and unequivocally what I’ve intuited then. I have since used other fundamental concepts in physics as analogies for the phenomena studied by social sciences. I have been told that such analogies are most out of fashion in the current philosophy of science and have been deemed increasingly irrelevant. Notwithstanding this, I have always felt that dividing teaching into natural and social hemispheres is not the proper way to gain deeper understanding and achieve the clarity in seeing the forces that are driving us and are shaping our reality. For me it is almost inconceivable that humans would be able to build set of rules for their behavior which would not be based on the fundamental laws of physics. Therefore, I retained them and have made those views public. One of those is the analogy between property and gravitation, especially in respect of the “mutual pull” segment that seems fundamental to me in explaining the nature of property. I am convinced that property is not just a “social convention” as many a lawyer would have it. I am submitting that this analogy leads us to explain property as a simple human capacity to feel gravitation. That is how we feel Earth as “ours”, and how the Earth “owns” us. I hinted to that in my TEDx Zagreb talk a week ago and will send you a link of the video once it is mounted to their site (http://www.tedxzagreb.info).

Moreover, in my blog, (not) accidentally called INFORMATION (a building block of reality) (sic!), I have dealt with some of those ideas and I am forwarding you hereby a link to its title page: http://www.mladenvukmir.blogsome.com. I hope that you will find there some thinking demonstrating what actually comes out of thinking based on using of the understanding of the world stemming out of the foundations that are same to those you are now building up for us to use. I will post this correspondence there too, hoping this is not against what you would like.

I hope this message is not a nuisance. Needless to say, I do hope to have an opportunity to meet you and discuss your insights in the future. I should also mention that my grand-uncle’s name was Vlatko. I am very much looking forward to our possible future contacts.

Best regards, Mladen

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