I think it might be healthy to have your mental surroundings blown away by a force strong as a galactic colision,  the established ideas and ideological constructs flying away as ninety-fifties regalia blown away in in a slow motion recording of an empty test village after a nuclear explosion. So long as you feel james-bond like, sipping a martini in a first class seat on a flight to Ceylon, or as a hippy on a warm and sunny beach at Goa, while the stuff is blown away, this really should not hurt too much. It is only mental, after all, and we should all stay kids and play little bit more. Seriously, we must learn to be able to change our society faster, with less turbulence and more efficiently. If we don’t practice on ourselves we might remain too slow to lead. And you know what I mean by leading, it is mutual “you-lead-me-I-lead-you” kind of thing. It is the basis of future societies, it is a principle of solidarity and responsibility that is one of the few alternatives of our five thousand years old props. What if we really do live in a dummy test village? Wouldn’t it be better it is blown away finally. After all, now we know how to replace it. Or do we?

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