Mario, I don’t really care much about football at all, actually I am often repelled by its corrupt and dishonest side. Game rigging for the organized crime betting industry, bribes for hosting tournaments, money laundering and general tendency to use the game as a distraction from serious social change while fostering negative group mentality do not appeal to me. I don’t really think there is anything strange that an industry supports its major players (national teams in this case) in many subtle ways. The “advantage of the host” was always well recognized and I believe it included referee favors since time immemorial. Nowadays it is all more transparent due to video technology and more of us are less prepared to be fooled. In my view, this referee, just like any other in the referee pool would, likely got the job at the opening because he knows how to serve the industry and he did numerous choices that influenced the outcome. So I don’t think there was any conspiracy, that is just how the football industry works, it’s regular function. My gut feeling that without his intervention the result might have been different. How about 2:2? And thanks for supporting Croatia now, I have always supported Brazil.

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