Thanks All, both for inviting me, for having me on the panel and for your questions and reactions! Here is the report (in Croatian, but with the pics) on the MAKK HDAP ALAI event where I have participated as a president of AIPPI Croatia.

XVsavjetovanje21This is what was the original content of this post, in a way of announcing the event:

I am very much looking forward to participating on the panel on the changing paradigm of copyright law. I always liked looking into the future and did quite some research on the impact of the new technologies and digital networks on human creativity and law. This will be really interesting discussion and one of the thesis I will be proposing is that the “originality” is likely to be morphing into “authenticity” as the central object of protection for the  creativity based assets protection systems, both legal and technical.  It was Jim Jarmusch, echoed by Austin Kleon who pointed in that direction. That means, that we are likely going to see copyright, free speech and personality protection rules fusing. What else? A lot. Let’s discussit on November 21. Thanks to HDAP-ALAI for their invitation and to Netokracija service for covering the event. I will be participating as a President of the Croatian AIPPI.

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