It is entirely plausible that England might find itself in the comfortable position to consider which constitutional model to follow: Irish or Scottish. Or any other EU country, for that matter.

How ironic is it for a nation that prides itself on her merchant skills to put a retrograde isolationist ideology above of the market pragmatics and espouse nationalism over sense. Could it be that this reversal is caused by too much mercantilism in the first place?

I am prepared to take the flak: London is for me a place that distorts other people’s realities and was bound to be scaled to its measure. Don’t let me be misunderstood: I love London but don’t like it’s evil shadow and am happy that it finally has to face itself.

Should British electorate had more foreign language skills they would never have voted Leave. Acquired mental plasticity one gets from speaking foreign languages does not allow for the sense of exceptionalism which fomented the national sentiment.

Should Brexit be only questionable, folks would not comment. But once you do something truly stupid you have to live with their comments. Of course, one can continue to pretend it was a wise choice but then that would bring you to a monumental stupidity. Or?

EU was always bound to create freedom for the regions so Wales, probably, and Norther Ireland and Scotland, likely, are going to want to stay in the EU. The idea is powerful and works regardless of the national borders. Will the monarchy have to go once there is no Great Britain? Welcome to the 21st century, where the old order does not hold much value anymore.

This is the best article on Brexit. There will be many people describing it as liberal gibberish and only one possible view on this sad affair. But the fact is that alternative facts and spins will not hold. I said it before and will do it again: UK should stop their foolish slide, swallow its pride and stop this toxic nonsense. If the U.K. wishes to keep their leadership, a concept so dear to them, they need firstly to recognize that leadership in the intertwined world is mutual: I lead you – you lead me. Secondly, democracy by uneducated is ever more perilous. A nation that does not speak a second language just cannot figure out what is going on in the wide world. Good luck, and don’t hesitate to return to Europe as we know you belong!

“How could people known throughout the world for their pragmatism, empiricism and common sense do something so obviously contrary to their own interests? The emotional timbre of this questioning is not anger or despair but rather a kind of melancholy incredulity.” Exactly! We will miss you. Do you want to know the answer? It is – nationalism. English nationalism.

Brexit is a virulent nonsense that doesn’t benefit anyone, the least the English. It seems to be purely an irrational nationalist and isolationist exercise directed towards the past. From my point of view every isolationism is based on suprematism and group superiority complex. Looking at the human history Brexit has a fair chance to pass as many other toxic political ideas did. If we do not wish to remain trapped in the retrograde European thinking that has caused two world wars we need to move on and Brexit wouldn’t happen. The stakes are high and an unreformed UK remains a risky factor in building the stable political scene the World needs.

More Brexit Pearls will follow.

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