This is just to let anyone know that my luggage was not delivered twice in a row on ZAG-FRA-CDG & SPU-MUC-CPH flights. I do not expect this to happen when flying LH through MUC and FRA and am rather disappointed as both trips were business and caused considerable inconvenience and loss of time. What was much worse though is that both times I got very deficient and sometimes conflicting passenger rights information.

Yesterday I’ve been told explicitly told I cannot be given LH rules determining why I was to be reimbursed with a certain amount rather than the other as there seemed there is no logic between the differences in two cases. The reimbursement seems to be decreasing proportionally to the tickets prices being increased. LH did not give a slightest appearance that the hassle and inconvenience inflicted is something they strive to avoid, rather, by delegating the job to SAS on the local airport clearly showed they do not really care. I deplore the cost savings measure that lead a company to delegate its Star Alliance partner to represent them, at the same time allowing them to ping pong shift the responsibility that allows the SAS counter to claim that LH is not present there, at the same time while representing them. The SAS staff appeared rather poorly trained to handle a passenger showing displeasure strongly and have given plenty of room to conclude that she thinks it is normal that luggage is being lost on its way and that she does not think there should be any real compensation for the hassle.

Finally, I am also irked by the rules that led to much lower milage per flight accumulation that led to losing the Senator status in spite of the same or higher amount of flights/miles being flown. While I might fly more now I am given less rights and this seems to slide ever lower as the months go by. I feel being treated without respect and consideration for my business by LH. At the same time, LH holds such a monopolistic stranglehold on flying out of Zagreb that it is hard to imagine any realistic possibility to switch airlines if you are flying frequently.

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