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thanks for your remainder email bellow. I apparently did not receive the underlying mail in the first place. I checked it and it does not seem to be in the mailbox at all. Please accept my apologies for the delay, hoping this did not cause undue inconvenience. At this point I fully agree with your general approach to the panel and your suggestions on time allocation and speaker interaction. I do wish to add that I am fully comfortable with my fellow speakers and you as a moderator commenting on the content of my presentation and its reframing within their views, so I would invite all to do so in the interest of achieving cohesion of the panel.

It is getting late over here so I will take liberty to be very short. If you deem it necessary I am prepared to revert to you with more concrete input tomorrow. I plan to raise the issues of the likely consequences of digitalization and networking and their impact on our material realities and look at those processes in light of what might be in store once the BMI (brain machine interface) technologies become widespread. I feel that all this together will possibly have far reaching consequences for the role of law in our societies and would like that we as a profession engage more in discussing those.

I have recently completed an article that is scheduled for the publications shortly and am attaching its copy to this email. Excerpts of it will be translated into English for the purposes of the ITechLaw conference material and I hope you will have them by April 11. Although it is in Croatian in its present form (NO, I don’t expect you to use machine translation services on it), just its literature list, which can be found on the pages 77 to 81 will show you what I am aiming at. The article deals primarily with the phenomena of multiplication (copying) through the human history and argues that the present principle of copyright protection may have run its course. I am trying to predict the most likely mutations it will undergo and the most likely seems to be that we will live in the future with the multiple models of legal and technical protection systems coexisting side by side. The law might in part be replaced by technical measures (of DRM type, regardless of its low acceptance nowadays) as the means of enforcement, but the consequences on the role of law in our societies will likely be even deeper that that.

Although I am researching this some four years now, I still feel that twenty minutes is a plenty of time 🙂 I know you are cautious of the academic slant on a practitioners’ conference, but I am confident that the fact I am a practitioner firs and foremost, my R’nR past and my speakers attitude and experience will compensate for this high-brow take on our  professional turf. Having said that I will be looking for your moderator’s guidance in achieving a best result for our panel. Therefore, please do not hesitate to insist on your vision for the panel as I will find the ways to happily adjust. I am very much looking forward to your input and to our further contacts.

Best regards, Mladen

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