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I have recently started to blog on LinkedIn, searching for higher visibility. Let’s see how will that go. In one of the most recent posts I have attempted to lead my readers into connecting some disparate pieces of my writing over the last decade which were actually from the outset meant to tie in in interpreting the important shifts we are witnessing within the IP arena. Such is also the post on the two main trends I see playing out in the field of IP law, namely the apparent end of the Paris and Berne convention world IP order and the general shift of the role of law in contemporary societies.

I have started exploring the paradigm shift in the IPR systems quite some time ago. Back in 2012 I had honor of moderating an INTA panel (CW20) with Ann Gundelfinger (past Fenwick & West, Sun, Intel, now Swarowski), Stacy King (then Richemont, now Amazon) and professor Jessica Silbey (Suffolk University, Boston, MA) at the Washington Annual Meeting where we have discussed the anti-IP sentiment and its implications. Professor Rebecca Tushnet covered the panel in her 43(B)log and I wish to make our effort visible by linking her post here. As the original panel material, including the sound recording of the panel were made available only to the attendees of the INTA Annual Meeting, the event would slowly fade away without connecting it with my subsequent revisits to the topic of IP changes such as some of those posted on my LinkedIn blog.

Oh, and one more “one more thing”. For those who missed it when Jeremy Phillips originally posted it, my “Abundance” article was covered by IPKat blog. While the “Abundance of Sources” article gets quite a fair share of attention, I have also prepared a write-up in a way of its summary, (Why will intellectual property change: the staying power of intangible (immaterial) assets and malfunctioning of analog institutions) which was published interdependently by RIThink electronic journal.  Thanks Jeremy for covering the article and to the readers who wrote me to share their thoughts. All these articles weave into a single thread and now that I have the English translation of the “Influence of Technology” article I have started preparing the unified text, my blog posts included. Any publishers interested?

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