My book on IP has just been published at Kindle Amazon Store with the following liner notes: This is a draft text of a book related to my postgraduate thesis from July 1990. Contains unorthodox views on the nature of intellectual property and speculation on the nature of universe very similar to the recent work by Oxford physicist Vlatko Vedral. It is published unedited so that people can compare and evaluate those ideas and to support Vedral’s work. It concentrates on the social aspects and history of social perception of protectability of immaterial assets. This draft is unfinished work in progress, unedited and with some references missing. Although it is not fully articulated and some expressions might seem immature from today’s perspective it contains thought that I prefer sharing than leaving them in obscurity. Part of this text has been published Mladen Vukmir, The Roots of Anglo-American Intellectual Property Law in Roman Law, 32 IDEA 123, 128 (1992).

This is the link to download the book: and this is the link to my updated TED profile noting the publication of the book:

I hope some of you will enjoy it!

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