I Walk on Gilded Splinters

I saw Dr. John playing at Boogaloo a couple of months ago (Kritika u Jutarnjem). While he played this great song, by checking Wikipedia on my iPhone I found out that he is the author of that anthem. Can you believe I did not know this? I couldn’t myself… I asked a rock writer who was standing by, but he didn’t know either.

Couldn’t stop thinking about the late Steve Marriott and his Humble Pie Performance Rockin’ the Fillmore Live version on my way home from the concert. That was for sure one of the greatest live performances ever. I am still thinking about it, and will not let it go. Artists like him, or VvG gave us so much, lived miserable relationships, died too soon but spoke the truth we will dig for the ages to come.

Look at the Humble Pie, just kids back then, playing this. The vulnerability, the seriousness of their involvment are moving. The live album versions might be superior by far in its direct, almost wild, but disciplined rendering, but the fragility and the artistic digestion of this rendering will bring tears to the eyes of anyone who was ever young.

Humble Pie Kids


Paul Weller Gilded Jools

Dr. John Gilded Original

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