Fortress Europe

J and O fell in love while working together at a …(humus joint or somewhere). I bet their employer was not so happy but they did stay together, and it was a right thing to do. The worse part followed, as a Palestinian and a Jew were not supposed to stay together and their respective communities made it abundantly clear to them. The threats and the stuff, the friends that abandoned them. That is sad, but it is a part of sad reality billions of us share. It is as disgusting as it is mundane. In its overwhelming presence, and in proportion, it is almost as sickening as the calamitous banality of evil we are periodically facing. The tribal bonds to which our own families tie us in are sometimes more claustrophobic than, well…whatever. Your pick! Some of us bear with it, but I don’t see why. J and O did the wise thing, they decided to leave their communities and move on. Land ho! To… Fortress Europe! Was it wise? I hope we will let them in, let them to change us for the better. We do instantly need courageous others to shake our sleepy uncertainty and then, jointly with our immigrants create a better place for the entire world. I would like to see Europe lead in creating a better place for everyone. I tried to touch your face J and O, with my fingertips on my computer screen, when I read about you. I hope you could feel I was not the only one. If it would only be that simple. The other day I’ve been to the meeting that said tons about the visa policies of the Fortress. It is a bureaucratic swamp and I can only wish J and O will be brave enough and fortunate enough to cross it sane. Welcome to new Europe J and O, we need you and we wish you to remain happy. And thank you for your love.

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