Isn’t the German story just a step ahead of the rest of Europe? By uniting early and helping the Eastern Germany catching breath in the unification effort early, Germany found itself experiencing the future of Europe. Now, having two different individuals from the former East as a heads of State and of the Government, it is showing to the rest of e EU family the possible models of political thinking. Is it divergent or not? The Ossies may be grateful and proud for these achievements but their arriving is probably not by chance. could it be that they carry some other wisdom developed on their specific experiences?

Don’t you think that the time is coming where a shift of dynamic power will occur in the direction East? After all, the transitional CEE countries do seem to have some fresh ideas; based on their additional historic experience they seem to be gaining a lot of insight-based self-confidence and they do genuinely feel that they owe something in a way of helping their spiritually depleted and non-inventive Western European brethren and friends.

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