Depeche Mode

Now, this seems really to be a former rock critic’s blog. I apologize for the fact that the concerts move me more than other stuff. If it seems that I am more interested in the concerts than in the economy or law, it just might be… I have seen another concert anyway, this one electronic and from the Eighties, Depeche Mode… Boring were they, except for a couple of songs when they rocked, such as Personal Jesus that is actually nicely built over a rockabilly tune and the other one Silent something that really rocked the heavy metal way. Pleasurable. Ten thousand happy burghers sung along and I did not dig it at all. It is just a pop group that fully conforms to what their mothers have recommended them when they were kids. “Be polite, keep studying diligently, keep up the good work…” I thought rock was more about not really following that advice, at least pretending not to. It was one of the most disgusting stage arrangements I’ve seen so far, with their keyboards arranged in hot donut shaped ovens pretending to be UFOs or whatever. On top of it was the truly tasteless anthropomorphic robot with two lamps instead of the eyes displaying pretentious words such as “pain”, “torture”, “love” and other self-important bullshit, yes “angel” hah, hah, hah…. No wonder provincial Europeans loved it; it was as if these guys were some of their own. Awful… the concert was not that awful in its own right, but if you would compare it with the Massive Attack on Salata, it was truly sad, that the crowd would suck up to this one and not to the other one which was ten thousands windows better… A shame, and everyone sung along because their youth was close to the expiry date and they just like pop and the justification of it by thinly veiled “dark” overcoat. What a bore. A borek…

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