I guess the answer to the question “why don’t we have creative regulations?” might be: because no one cares enough. I am convinced we will get more creative regulations in the future. Those will be playful and flexible. See my article  on the related topics in the field of copyright.

A photo from Domagoj Juričić’s post at FB (http://on.fb.me/yZVQ2e) is stimulating although I don’t know its background. While it would be nice to know what was the topic of the session, I still think this pic is more than a simple coincidence with my thinking. The fact that Common Good people are at it too means there are many who care. Unfortunately, we have built a system that is trying to cope with social challanges by targeting the particular, missing the target most of the times, rather than empowering the individuals to deal with general issues. As a consequence we have ended up with a disenfranchised lot that renounced big goals. What a pity.

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