CO2 Sequestration Pitch


Knowing your continued interest in green technology innovation I am attaching to this mail a summary of an invention which can help us successfully sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide. Its business exploitation models are briefly outlined too. My friend and a client, Prof. Stasa Puskaric has invented a biotech based “ocean seeding” method that is vastly superior to the presently known comparable methods. Its chief advantage is that it is capable of storing CO2 into the Earth’s long term cycle, thereby removing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere permanently, rather than shuffling it around in the short-term cycle, as the present technologies do. Although we like the name very much, we did not brand the technology “Tesla” in order to avoid conflicts ;-).

It would be great to have your support in organizing the exploitation of GEA@275 technology. Should you wish to contact us regarding further information please feel free to do so. I am looking forward to the possible future contacts and wish you all the best in your present endeavors.

For more information pls. call: +385 1 376 0511
Science and R&D contact Mladen Vukmir/ / +385 98 233 328
Consortium and Investment contact Mark Gero / / +385 98 130 6905
Media and Journalism contact / / TBD

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