We never expected this level of monumental irresponsibility and absence of reason from a mature democracy that used to preach the virtues of rational political decision making. We certainly did not expect such one-sided decision from a major EU country proud of its historical responsibilities. It is not only irresponsible towards one’s own national group but towards others too, without bringing any apparent benefit to anyone. A monumental waste of energy in a cul de sac, unpalatable in its manifestations and false dilemmas, a shameful demonstrations of wider European shortcomings and weaknesses. While us all in Croatia, with some sixty inhabited islands along our coast, do have a lot of understanding for an island’s sentiments of exceptionalism, but do not share any esteem for a population that does not speak foreign languages thus exacerbating the sensation of isolation. Increase of racism is deplorable and the class divisions that are recently becoming visible are regrettable. This all looks worse than some recent outbursts of anachronistic nationalism in Central Europe.

English nationalism clearly prevailed, putting at the same time at risk the existence of United Kingdom in a way completely familiar to anyone who witnessed the dissolution of Yugoslavia. I wonder what will happen to the British monarchy if Scotland and/or Northern Ireland decide it makes more sense to them to stay in the EU. If English elect a government that will implement the above described political impulses you may want to ask Slovaks or Croats in order to get a clearer view of what follows. Welcome to the 20th century, Great Britain!

As many Europeans do, I am also hopeful that the Leave results of the advisory referendum on June 23 will be defeated in a Parliament vote. In light of all the circumstances this seems by far the most sensible results. Of course, the concern of the voters voting Leave must be addressed, but the decision is of such magnitude that it is questionable why it was to be decided by a simple majority rather then a qualified majority, and the victory margin is anyway too thin to be persuasive for leaving in light of the amount of distortion that was engage to persuade the voters to vote Leave. How does the Government imagine that its prerogatives would allow them to take the decision to trigger the Brexit procedure without the Parliament? It is hard to fathom why would anyone consider the monumental efforts required to implement the Brexit worth in proportion to the likely difficulties caused by it. It remains unclear what would be achieved by this step in a world that is going in the direction of integration by suffering this effort to turn the ship in other direction.


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