IMG_1113Friday night while driving back from Budapest, as the night fell and light disappeared, I saw the Hungarian police securing the border and their police cars with rotating lights on parked alongs the highway. Once I’ve entered Croatia I have started encountering convoys of the blue Zagreb city busses escorted by police cars with the blue lights going towards the border. Some convoys were six to ten buses long, some double that length. The refugees were mostly standing in the busses as those were city buses and their wives and kids mostly sitting. It was eerie, the faint cold glow of the lamps in the busses bathed in the whirlpool flow of the blue police lights and the emissions of enormous human misfortune. It was all exacerbated by the speed of the highway, somehow at odds with the idea of suffering. At the same time the scene was calm, composed, it looked well organized and it provided some kind of hope. It felt overwhelming, my eyes welling up with tears yet I was proud of human strength and full of well wishes.

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