I’ve just read someone complaining about the sad state of beers ( Balkanboy is right in stating that the big brewers would like us to believe that anything that is labeled “beer” should be enjoyable. Sadly, money driven production, marketing blitzkriegs and cutting the brews character to the lowest common denominator, i.e. “no aftertaste” rubbish deprived beers of any attraction not only to those whose palates are satisfied by adventurous tastes, but also to an increasing number of those who do not care at all. “Beers”, i.e. big run-of-the-mill brews are plain boring to everyone. I am almost exclusively drinking Belgian specialty beers nowadays, from abbeys to trapists, and from geuze to microbrews and brave experimentators. As a wine lover I am always thrilled by the strong pull that a good brew can exert on the willing.

Beers are the last outpost of the mass production and uniformity, hate and boredom of 20th century… Good riddance mass production! Long lives passionate production of intense individual brews!

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