Dear Aernout,

I am writing you regarding a development I find extremely exciting. It is a continuation of our discussion started in Wroclaw several years ago on the relations of natural and social sciences and the true nature of the most basic legal institutes. I am thankful for your time and patience in listening to my speculations on the roots of material reality back then. I found your remarks always both sobering and stimulating and have treasured them highly. You also know how thankful I was for your encouragement to take my doctoral studies at the Leiden University.

Now a preeminent scientist in the field of physics seems to have come to similar conclusions. Prof. Vlatko Vedral of Oxford University recently published a book ” Decoding reality: The Universe as Quantum Information”, asserting some extremely insightful and far-reaching proposals to comprehend the reality. As his views are sharing pretty much the same fundamentals regarding information as a building block of reality I got rather excited hoping that this might prove and affirm my theories on the nature of creativity and intellectual property as natural processes whereby humans contribute to the making of reality. In other words, I think that we humans share the same capacity nature has in making choices, in in such binary way we do create reality. As I don’t think you’ve ever had a chance of reading my draft book I am attaching its Chapter 3, that deals with these issues to this email. You will understand that without prof. Vedral’s work I doubt that anyone would considers such proposals coming from a lawyer not trained in physics serous at all, and the publication of Vlatko’s work has been a great relief for me after some twenty years of waiting.

In the meantime, I have also uploaded my entire draft book on IP at Kindle Amazon Store and it has just been published with the following liner notes: “This is a draft text of a book related to my postgraduate thesis from July 1990. Contains unorthodox views on the nature of intellectual property and speculation on the nature of universe very similar to the recent work by Oxford physicist Vlatko Vedral. It is published unedited so that people can compare and evaluate those ideas and to support Vedral’s work. It concentrates on the social aspects and history of social perception of protectability of immaterial assets. This draft is unfinished work in progress, unedited and with some references missing. Although it is not fully articulated and some expressions might seem immature from today’s perspective it contains thought that I prefer sharing than leaving them in obscurity. Part of this text has been published Mladen Vukmir, The Roots of Anglo-American Intellectual Property Law in Roman Law, 32 IDEA 123, 128 (1992).” This is the link to download the book in the Kindle format: I plan to offer the book in other ebook formats gradually.
Following is the link to my updated TED profile noting the publication of the book: My blog, where I publish these open correspondence, and am dealing with those and other legal related topics is to be found at:

For your full reference on the developments I am attaching to his mail my correspondence to Vlatko and my correspondence to Prof. Bill Hennessey of Franklin Pierce law Center, Concord, NH, USA who as a mentor to my postgraduate thesis reviewed my original writing. I am also attaching my original emails to Prof. Vedral, together with the draft Chapter 3 of the Integral Protection of Intellectual Property book. I am still awaiting Prof. Vedral’s feedback and am anxiously awaiting his assessment of how well founded or unfounded were my speculations back then. Finally, I am still awaiting the delivery from Amazon of Vlatko’s books so that I can learn myself of his full insight. Once I will get familiar with his statements I hope to be able to share with you my thoughts.

I am very much looking forward t our further contacts hoping that I am not taking too much of your time.

Best regards, Mladen

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