“How you became an atheist?” was a question I’ve noted on a Facebook page. Well, in my case three generations non-religious family helped for sure. I was born into a situation where religious people were respected so long as they did not use their religion for public purposes, and no one had ever had to rebel against religion. Still, I have duly asked myself deeply – is there god? I thought then, and still do think now that it is paramount that this question is answered individually and after deep search and reflection. I teach my kids they need to find the answer themselves, by their own effort. Although I don’t think there is god at all, I do think that people who believe there is one or more gods around, actually may be right to think there is god.

I will even say that for those who believe god is real, objective, and I don’t even try to challenge that. In other words, I’ve always seen with certainty that for those brothers and sisters who believe their god is very real, and I’ve always thought there is nothing wrong with that at all. I think us humans have a god-like capacity to create. Therefore, if someone feels there is god, there must be one because we have created it.

However, for me such god is always of human making and I’ve never seen any other god but the one created by humans. I never felt I need one, and have not seen or heard one that would not be human. That is probably where I’ve become an atheist. My personal search lead me to the conclusion that it just doesn’t matter if there is god or there isn’t one. I have never have found one, even remotely, holly trinity of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan included. I love people too much and am too faithful to the people to let anyone else come in-between us as long as we are alive. Amen.

Oh, and one more thing… If we are thinking to make any kind of a leap into more civilized society than we have today, we need to put our forces together. That means that by confronting each other religious and non-religious people actually are slowing down that movement towards better run society. In other words, religious and non-religious people need to learn to work together and by disregarding their differences create a civilization in which the differences are affirmed and harnessed into building more productive and creative relations between the people. Agnostic?

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