Dear Colleagues,

Kindly note that the Croatian National Group held a meeting this morning where we have discussed possible topics proposed for the future AIPPI discussions. In the most general manner, we hold that the following two topics merit the Association’s particular attention:

1) Emergence of artificial intelligence (AI, in its specialized and general forms) and distributed ledger technologies (such as blockchain and more recently hashgraph) are likely to bring strong changes in the IP arena shifting the reality even further beyond the traditional realms of Paris and Berne conventions. We foresee that these two technologies, once they merge together, hold a potential of outgrowing the territoriality based protection systems and can bring about private IP rights registries so powerful that the economy will start adopting them on the expense of the traditional national IP rights. It is possible to imagine that such private blockchain registries will aggregate the existing national right and attach to them monetary evaluation creating a traceable and trackable rights that will move far beyond the present IP rights. We hold that the IP profession cannot allow itself to remain behind the developments once again by declining to study the advanced questions. This question needs to be studied in a multidisciplinary working group.

2) Services design is a quickly emerging form of human creativity that holds a promise of improving the deficiencies in present societies by designing the social processes and functions in an aggregate of process, systems, platforms and experiences design. As the inadequacies of our social order are becoming woefully evident to an ever larger number of citizens, we must increase the attempts to streamline and improve the social organization. The role of AI in offering solutions, including legislative and reformative cannot be discounted in this new emerging field. As above, this question also rests on the presumption of the present situation confirming the fact that the IP system outgrew its Paris and Berne framework, and it also needs to be tackled by a multidisciplinary working group.

Croatian group in general holds that the IP profession remained far behind the developments in the field and has never properly considered what will fill the void that is emerging in the space appearing beyond dysfunctional Bern and Paris systems.

Should you hold any of these questions interesting enough for inclusion in teh AIPPI discussion we remain at your disposal for further clarification.

Best  regards


Mladen Vukmir
President AIPPI Croatia

Ulica Grada Vukovara 78
Zagreb 10000

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