AIPPI Controversies Welcome

Over the last few years intellectual property turned out to be an increasingly controversial topic for many reasons, many of them connected to the globalization and integration processes. IP community’s response was to shun the controversy and adopt the “business as usual” attitude. This not only helped marginalize the profession’s voice but also resulted in missing the opportunities to lead. My opinion is that our role would be more adequate if we would tackle the controversies proactively and not only engage in the discussion on the topic, but also start opening issues that are most visible and often best understood by our profession. This means that we would have to open up to various points of view and bring them into the discussion. I think that of all IP organizations the centenary AIPPI (Association Internationalle pour la Protection de la Proprieté Intelectuelle) is the best suited IP organization for this type of discussions with other interested constituencies. Known as the “IP Parliament” because of its archaic national groups structure, it is suited for such a debate. What it lacked over last couple of decades was the willingness to even consider others points of views and to engage or foster the discussion of the IP topics beyond the narrow professional aspect. Accordingly, should it successfully make this transition, I propose that AIPPI opens up as a worldwide platform for the dialogue with other constituencies interested in IP topics and starts the debate in such a way as to allow the controversial aspects of IPRs to be fully examined.

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