here comes the revised version. You will see that I have now, under the suggestions I received and hopefully understood, actually shifted the focus somewhat away from the anti-IP sentiment to the view into the future of trademarks. I believe this to be the flip-side of the same coin and do clearly see how this is connected. Based upon my last year’s research this is just a small step sideways but I realize that it might look less integrated to someone who never listened to my recent lectures or read my long articles 🙂 Please do let me know how would you like me to remedy this if necessary.
In order to illustrate what I am talking about please find attached a link to a recent The Economist article on 3D printing (http://www.economist.com/node/18114221?story_id=18114221). It is just a small step forward for a brand owner to realize the horror of someone printing their proprietary sport shoes at his/her home printer (additive manufacturing facility). In other words, due to the digitalization and networking the TM owners are heading right to where the music industry has been during the last decade. The anti-IP sentiment is just an expression of scorn for the people who do not get this on behalf of those who think they understand it, and this is how I see the two connected.
I hope we got hereby a close-to-final slant for the session to be held some time from now. I am sure we’ll play a lot with it in the meantime in spite of the corporate need to have it set and clearly planned a century ahead. Good performances were very often based on some degree of liberty – think jazz rather then classic music.
Also, I am looking and researching into possible academic participants to the panel. One of them would be an Aussie guy called Matthew Rimmer. Never heard about him before but his studies seem relevant. See Matthew Rimmer in Google and one of his articles. I will continue searching for the first class options and am at your disposal in giving your support in pushing for this topic.
Do let me know if you need further input from my side. Also, please feel free to edit whatever you wish without further asking me in the best spirit of collaborative work. I will be most happy to adjust in the jazz spirit to whatever is thrown at me as a final version and promise to produce something else anyway 🙂

Best regards, Mladen

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