I agree with the folks who think that divisiveness is unnecessary when talking about god. For me a god was always a part of human fears and respect of nature and I myself in turn respect such feelings in the persons who do not feel confident enough to come to terms with the possibility that there is no one above us. Before we as a human race had so much knowledge on our hands it was almost understandable that people would search for security by inventing an answer they would call god. In that sense I always felt god is really truly human, down to earth being, someone one should offer a warm blanket in the cold.

However, I don’t think that our religious beliefs have to change much who we are, as for me we are really on our own out there. We should enjoy the fact just as the kids do when they have fun without the parents once they turn fourteen. I knew friends who are religious and who remain my friends and I know religious people who stopped being religious and I have even heard about the people who were not religious and became religious. I don’t care. I just think we are stronger when we take the responsibility for what we do in our own hands rather than leaving it with god. We tend to behave better when we are responsible to ourselves and to other fellow humans. Ultimately, I prefer that we all hug together – regardless whether we are religious or non-religious – we are fellow humans. There might be no god after all, so let’s stay together and try to reach our for the stars jointly (hoping fewer people will need religion in the future ;-).

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