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    Following is my 2C on a recent FB discussion on the state of music: While Bono is right that today’s music is largely meaningless compared to its 60’ies heyday it was U2 who started at the time rock begun to disintegrate and have contributed their fair share to the tide of shite. I remember thinking […]

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    Dear Peter, dear All, Thanks for starting this interesting discussion, I do think it is worthwhile to discuss the issue in light of the shifting role of the IP rights in modern societies. While I am convinced that future societies will continue and increase their reliance on intangible assets I am curious to see how […]

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  • It is entirely plausible that England might find itself in the comfortable position to consider which constitutional model to follow: Irish or Scottish. Or any other EU country, for that matter. How ironic is it for a nation that prides itself on her merchant skills to put a retrograde isolationist ideology above of the market […]

  • I answered a question on Quora that reads: What are the similarities between litigation and alternative dispute resolution? Following is my answer: This is a challenging question, primarily because the differences are bigger then the similarities. The key to the answer is in distinguishing between the various alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, because they are […]