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    It is just not functioning anymore. Our educational system is as dysfunctional as the other two central pillars of our societies. The root systems serving all our central social functions and considered traditionally as the pillars of developed societies; namely legal, health and educational systems are ever more struggling to fulfill the needs of both, […]


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  • U primjeru kažnjavanja studentica na Ekonomskom fakultetu u Zagrebu odlično je izražena negativna strana hrvatskog obrazovnog sustava: ideja da ljude treba naučiti poslušnosti i neaktivnosti umjesto razvijanju kritičkog stava i aktivnog odnosa prema stvarnosti. Učiti mlade osobe da se suzdržavalju od doprinosa moralno bi trebalo biti na na istoj razini kao najteži zločini. Poslušnost umjesto […]

  • I am very much looking forward to participating on the panel on the changing paradigm of copyright law. I always liked looking into the future and did quite some research on the impact of the new technologies and digital networks on human creativity and law. This will be really interesting discussion and one of the thesis […]