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  • Global Pound Conference

    Global Pound Conference is an important mediation initiative. We considered joining it formally in Croatia but have in the end decided not to due to the limited human resources available in the critical period. I will support this initiative informally and personally as it develops so please follow this post as I will amend it. Source: […]


    I have recently commented on an IPKAT blog posts regarding the discussion started by The Economist magazine by Nicola and Neil Wilkoff. The Economist article was further commented on by Fortune magazine. Following is my comment, otherwise to be found second bellow the above blog post: I am surprised by the defensive tone of Neil’s […]

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  • Dancing wildly to Jean Genie, Rebel Rebel and Suffragette City in Big Ben disco club in mid ’70ies Zagreb I’ve learnt not only how to be a rock fan but also what it means to be free and to have courage to change the world. Thanks Ziggy. David Live was among my first records and […]

  • This is a long story and it starts long time ago in a land very, very close…. Stay put folks, it is coming one day.