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    Thanks All, both for inviting me, for having me on the panel and for your questions and reactions! Here is the report (in Croatian, but with the pics) on the MAKK HDAP ALAI event where I have participated as a president of AIPPI Croatia. This is what was the original content of this post, in a […]


    Prvo su bile Pjesme: Yellow Submarine, sjećam se danas kada sam je prvi puta čuo na radiju u spavaćoj sobi koju smo kao djeca dijelili sa roditeljima. Potom, dosta kasnije, Children of the Revolution koji smo dan i noć slušali u ljeto 1972 ili 3 sa Daškinog Mangiadisca. Od Svena sam posudio Sweetovce, Sladeovce i […]

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  • We might want to move beyond democracy because it is holding us prisoners to reality.   I shall elaborate

  • Dear Max, thanks for the initiative. Please find listed bellow just a couple of the emerging issues that I see as relevant in the coming period and would, therefore, propose for studying at INTA programs. The issues are intentionally presented as top level topics and I believe that some more practical elements of those trends […]