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    The Stairway To Heaven ruling seems to implicitly accept the understanding that creation is a process where it is normal to rely on the preexisting works in order to create new ones. It tells us not to be surprised by the similarities and not to make fuzz out of the fact that ultimately something might […]


    We never expected this level of monumental irresponsibility and absence of reason from a mature democracy that used to preach the virtues of rational political decision making. We certainly did not expect such one-sided decision from a major EU country proud of its historical responsibilities. It is not only irresponsible towards one’s own national group […]

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  • Imao sam recentno priliku više puta javno komunicirati svoje poglede na pitanja vezana za utjecaj tehnologija na pravo i govoriti o tome kako vidim budućnost pravnog sustava. Ti su intervjui objavljeni od rujna do studenoga 2016 godine u tisku, elektronskim medijima i na radiju. Evo linkova na tako objavljene intervjue:   T-portal INTERVJU: MLADEN VUKMIR Ne […]

  • Really great presentations on innovation at the Corp2In conference, but why all speakers have cast it as dangerous and fearsome? Could it possibly be due to incompetence in embracing change? We need to cast it as actually joyful and fun because that is what it is! #Corp2IN #hub385 Comments comments