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    This is nice, nowadays one doesn’t even need to use one’s own camera to capture the moments in life anymore; others do it for you and film you as well on the way. I enjoyed this concert by YU grupa at Vintage Industrial Bar on January 8, 2015 quite a lot. Funny it is to […]


    U primjeru kažnjavanja studentica na Ekonomskom fakultetu u Zagrebu odlično je izražena negativna strana hrvatskog obrazovnog sustava: ideja da ljude treba naučiti poslušnosti i neaktivnosti umjesto razvijanju kritičkog stava i aktivnog odnosa prema stvarnosti. Učiti mlade osobe da se suzdržavalju od doprinosa moralno bi trebalo biti na na istoj razini kao najteži zločini. Poslušnost umjesto […]

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  • I see different points in which the newly emerging relation between the trademarks and geographic indications (GIs) should be explored. The relation is both economic and cultural by its nature and touches upon not only food supply issues but also identity structure of individual consumers. I have in mind primarily the the perceptions of a […]

  • I have recently started to blog on LinkedIn, searching for higher visibility. Let’s see how will that go. In one of the most recent posts I have attempted to lead my readers into connecting some disparate pieces of my writing over the last decade which were actually from the outset meant to tie in in interpreting the […]