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    I see different points in which the newly emerging relation between the trademarks and geographic indications (GIs) should be explored. The relation is both economic and cultural by its nature and touches upon not only food supply issues but also identity structure of individual consumers. I have in mind primarily the the perceptions of a […]

  • IPKat and 43(B)log

    I have recently started to blog on LinkedIn, searching for higher visibility. Let’s see how will that go. In one of the most recent posts I have attempted to lead my readers into connecting some disparate pieces of my writing over the last decade which were actually from the outset meant to tie in in interpreting the […]

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  • Dear Team, Thank you for your kind note. I have now noticed that only 20.000 miles have been credited back to my account, which means that my flight in the premium economy took 30.000 miles. Not only is this not what I expected, but is really hardly acceptable. I absolutely never wanted to fly premium […]

  • I don’t necessarily see the humiliation others see being inflicted on Greece by accepting the bailout package. Instead, I see the courage and realism in deciding to reform their country. I wish the reforms over the next decades make Greece into an example for all other Southern European member states with the results that will […]