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    Dear Max, thanks for the initiative. Please find listed bellow just a couple of the emerging issues that I see as relevant in the coming period and would, therefore, propose for studying at INTA programs. The issues are intentionally presented as top level topics and I believe that some more practical elements of those trends […]


    This is nice, nowadays one doesn’t even need to use one’s own camera to capture the moments in life anymore; others do it for you and film you as well on the way. I enjoyed this concert by YU grupa at Vintage Industrial Bar on January 8, 2015 quite a lot. Funny it is to […]

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  • Humans always longed for stability and have projected that desire to their societies. In static societies the instincts of preserving the status quo were embodied in conservative doctrines and introduction of time honored institutions. However, in the fast societies, in the situation where the social stability seem to start threathening the development and diminishes the opportunities offered […]

  • I see different points in which the newly emerging relation between the trademarks and geographic indications (GIs) should be explored. The relation is both economic and cultural by its nature and touches upon not only food supply issues but also identity structure of individual consumers. I have in mind primarily the the perceptions of a […]