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    Ovo je razrađeni tekst mojeg izlaganja na Savjetovanju o intelektualnom vlasništvu održanom u Hrvatskoj akademiji znanosti i umjetnosti (HAZU) 18. ožujka 2016. pripremljen za objavljivanje sadržaja Savjetovanja u Zborniku Akademije: Hvala Vam na prilici da kažem par riječi o izazovima 21. stoljeća za intelektualno vlasništvo. Volio bih i druge danas iznesene stvari prodiskutirati, ali nemamo […]


    Dancing wildly to Jean Genie, Rebel Rebel and Suffragette City in Big Ben disco club in mid ’70ies Zagreb I’ve learnt not only how to be a rock fan but also what it means to be free and to have courage to change the world. Thanks Ziggy. David Live was among my first records and […]

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  • ECTA 35th Annual Meeting in Dubrovnik is over. I enjoyed it very much and am proud to have assisted in its organization. I am especially proud to have been given an opportunity to introduce my understanding of the future of the intellectual property law and of the general shift of the role of law in […]

  • The Stairway To Heaven ruling seems to implicitly accept the understanding that creation is a process where it is normal to rely on the preexisting works in order to create new ones. It tells us not to be surprised by the similarities and not to make fuzz out of the fact that ultimately something might […]