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    Mario, I don’t really care much about football at all, actually I am often repelled by its corrupt and dishonest side. Game rigging for the organized crime betting industry, bribes for hosting tournaments, money laundering and general tendency to use the game as a distraction from serious social change while fostering negative group mentality do [...]


    I just noted an important coincidence with the title of my article Abundance of Sources. Isn’t is nice to see that the term which I used to describe the effects of the concept of “copy” through its Latin etymology, gets echoed in hi-tech context? I am still trying to figure out what does the term [...]

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  • It is just not functioning anymore. Our educational system is as dysfunctional as the other two central pillars of our societies. The root systems serving all our central social functions and considered traditionally as the pillars of developed societies; namely legal, health and educational systems are ever more struggling to fulfill the needs of both, [...]

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