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    We might want to move beyond democracy because it is holding us prisoners to reality.   I shall elaborate


    Dear Max, thanks for the initiative. Please find listed bellow just a couple of the emerging issues that I see as relevant in the coming period and would, therefore, propose for studying at INTA programs. The issues are intentionally presented as top level topics and I believe that some more practical elements of those trends […]

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  • I have recently visited newly opened Fondazione Prada at Milan, Italy. Architect Rem Koolhas did a marvelous job of giving a flow to the disjointed space of a former industrial distillery, a flow that manages to link intimate and monumental flawlessly. We’ve spent hours wandering around and discovering the links of the past and the […]

  • Humans always longed for stability and have projected that desire to their societies. In static societies the instincts of preserving the status quo were embodied in conservative doctrines and introduction of time honored institutions. However, in the fast societies, in the situation where the social stability seem to start threathening the development and diminishes the opportunities offered […]