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    I don’t necessarily see the humiliation others see being inflicted on Greece by accepting the bailout package. Instead, I see the courage and realism in deciding to reform their country. I wish the reforms over the next decades make Greece into an example for all other Southern European member states with the results that will […]


    I have recently visited newly opened Fondazione Prada at Milan, Italy. Architect Rem Koolhas did a marvelous job of giving a flow to the disjointed space of a former industrial distillery, a flow that manages to link intimate and monumental flawlessly. We’ve spent hours wandering around and discovering the links of the past and the […]

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  • I have recently commented on an IPKAT blog posts regarding the discussion started by The Economist magazine by Nicola and Neil Wilkoff. The Economist article was further commented on by Fortune magazine. Following is my comment, otherwise to be found second bellow the above blog post: I am surprised by the defensive tone of Neil’s […]

  • Even those lawyers who are thinking about innovation seem still to believe that the innovation is confined to introducing new legal services or products and then finding novel ways to market them. Not many seem to understand that lawyers owe to their society innovations in managing of the social relations in new ways as well. […]