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    I don’t know why I’ve waited so long. Anyway, it is here now 4 you. This article, published in the US under the title The Roots of Anglo-American Intellectual Property Law in Roman Law, is now available at scribd. The article is an excerpt from my postgraduate thesis, entitled Integral Protection of Intellectual Property (unedited). [...]


    Modern societies require complete reshaping of their administrative structures to adjust to the changes that occurred over the last decades and to achieve sustainable development. I feel that our social structures are presently inadequate as they constantly fail to provide the results which would correspond to the high levels of quality of life which we [...]

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  • With an unusual gusto I took the pleasure I participating in an old-fashioned “intellectual” polemic  regarding the otherwise supremely important topic of copyright and IPRs reform: Not an academic question — but an Abstract one. Old-fashioned? Think the clash of idle all-smart titans of yesteryears. The situation might here exacerbated by the caricatural intercultural incomprehension between the [...]

  • Pročitao sam ovaj članak o bitci na Sutjeski u kojoj je navodno poginuo ogroman broj Dalmatinaca: SUTJESKA, Novi List. Kada sam ga repostao nisam napomenuo da sam odrastao u obitelji koja, blago rečeno, nikada nije bila nimalo sklona komunizmu Čini mi se da je red da u Hrvatskoj prihvatimo sa uvažavanjem i ponosom svačiji doprinos [...]